B&O Shepherd Branch

      B&O Railroad Pass from 1933       ORW Pass for 1913          

Photo Tour From North to South

Benning Yard (Staging)

Benning Yard
Benning Yard is in a room that formerly housed our boiler and hot water tank.

These photos were taken at the end of an operating session.

The back track holds the Pepco Coal Extra. The next track holds the TC (Twining City) Switch. The Santa Fe car is on the track that holds the Port Shepherd job.  The near track holds the U-Turn (Uniontown Turn).

Benning Yard North

Shepherd Junction

Shepherd Jct Robinson Coal
Robinson Coal hides the hole in the wall where Benning Yard becomes Shepherd Junction.  Most of the two-dimensional brick building backdrops are from Pioneer Valley Models.

SJ Loco working Robinson Coal
Shepherd Jct Employee lockers

B&O 405 is switching Robinson Coal with a load of anthracite for home heating.

B&O 6469 heads out Port Shepherd.  The employee locker room in the foreground was built from an old box car.
Returning train passing MOW shed

B&O 6464 is returning with the Pepco Coal Extra passing the MOW shed, another converted box car.  The locomotive is approaching a curved crossing; the inner track leads to the Twining City industries.

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