1992 Annual Report

      B&O Railroad Pass from 1933       ORW Pass for 1913          

The P&P is operating much the same as when I reported to you last year. Trains are run-ning on the "Alexandria Branch" using a simplified card order system. Throughout the year, I have focused on two areas: fine tuning the track work and turnouts and adding scenery and detail. My notable projects include the following:

  • Scenery and scenic detail is slowly, but steadily, covering the homosote of Kearney Yard. I placed a pair of HO buildings beyond the tracks to create a feeling of distance and perspective. The few structures that I have are being internally illuminated, including the HO pair.

  • Earlier this year, I acquired and installed a pair of RIX throttles for the Alexandria Branch, my main line. I am pleased with the performance and hope to acquire two more for the Anacostia Branch, my industrial branch.

  • A Bowser turntable is installed, operational, and mostly sceniked in the engine service area. I wired the turntable bridge hot and use 6PDT selectors for the approach tracks and roundhouse tracks. My kitbashed roundhouse is progressing. I am about to add the upper roof.

  • One of my major projects this fall has been to rebuild my Old Pullman turnouts using 3/16 x 2.25 inch strips of printed circuit board for the tie rods. Twelve turnouts are completed, but five remain.

The railroad added a second Plymouth industrial this summer that was quickly repainted and decaled for the P&P. The pair, Nos. 52 and 55, operate together and are truly MU'ed because I installed a pair of wires between the motor poles to provide 8 wheel pickup for each motor. A micro-connector between the locos simplifies disconnection for servicing.

The Williams' USRA Mikado that was acquired last year has been re-lettered for the B&O. According to the few photos that I have, this Mike closely resembles the Mikes that the B&O received in 1918, e.g., B&O Q-3 4529. There is a small height difference in placement of marker lights, but headlight and bell are in right places. I chose No. 4579 since it was on the decal sheet. I used Q-3 No. 4500 at the B&O Railroad Museum as the example for my decaling.

My major locomotive purchase this year was a Weaver RS-3. I finally found one for less than $100. The reason that I have not acquired an RS-3 before is that my railroad is set in 1949 which predates their release. The reason I wanted a "cheap" one is because I intend to kitbash a RS-2 out of this RS-3. I have a Model Railroader article where a fellow did the same thing with an HO engine to use as a guide. Wish me luck!

I attended two regional and two national conventions this year. The Spring MER convention at Hampton featured outstanding industrial tours. The O Scale National in Rosemont seemed quiet this year, probably because Myron stayed home. I enjoyed the pre-convention tour of the Illinois Railroad Museum and the chance I had to chat with Art Selby. The NMRA National was especially exciting for me since my father and nephew were able to attend. The tour to Lima and the former locomotive works was a highlight for me. Bob Schildt, who was also in Columbus, stayed with me during the weekend of the Fall regional held in Fairfax, Virginia. When we weren't on tours or in clinics, we were operating my railroad. We may get a chance to see Bob's railroad next summer during the NMRA national convention at Valley Forge.

As you can surmise, I plan to attend the 1993 NMRA National. In fact, I told Jim Cope that I would help, so you may find me in the company store or at the registration desk. At this time, I am undecided about the O Scale National in Indianapolis.